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Monday, 7 March 2005

First Thoughts On...

o.k. just to elaborate a little more on that first posting and let everyone know what the plan is for the coming weeks and months...

Recording: I'm currently recording the ep with Dave Howard in Kilcullen Recording Studios...the way we've been recording so far is for me to lay rhythm guitar and guide vocals over a click track..after that then we can add in Alan's drums and Jim's bass and whatever other instruments are on the track..not sure if we are going to be doing all seven songs this way, will see how it goes for 2-3 and look at things after that..also I am considering a different studio for some of the tracks, the main reason I have gone with Dave Howard is to get that warm and intimate acoustic sound that comes from recording there, it was absolutely perfect for the songs that I wanted to have that feel but I am not sure if that's the sound I want to get on all of the tracks...again I'm gonna see how it goes with that one and think a little bit more about it...

In the next week or so I'm gonna put some rough cuts of the songs up just as samples, 2 or 3 of them with just acoustic guitar and vocals to give an idea of how things are coming pretty happy with how Artist Of The Century is sounding so far so will probably put that up first..

first thoughts on forever ep: the ep will have 7 songs and will be on sale for about 7 euro, you'll be able to buy it here on the site and also at gigs. The ep is basically an introduction to my music, aswell as selling it I will be hoping to either negotiate some kind of distribution deal for it or better still some interest from record labels...needless to say there will be copies sent to radio stations around the country and anything else I can do to promote it really..

Realistically speaking I am looking at a summer launch, probably sometime in mid to late July this year...I will be speaking plenty more about the ep in the next few posts anyway so I will literally keep you posted..

live performance: At the moment I'm doing some support slots for a couple of bands I know...a 40 minute set before the band...just me with the acoustic and harmonica playing the tracks from the "first thoughts" ep with a couple of covers thrown into the mix has been pretty good so far with regard to the songs, I do plan to have the band join me for the gigs pretty soon but I will be sticking with the acoustic set for the next couple of gigs anyway..

Thanks to Gorbachov and OneFortyNine for the last two supports slots, and apologies to OneFortyNine for having to pull out of the gig in Philly you could see during the soundcheck I was struggling with the flu..nice one to OneFortyNine singer John O'Hanlon for filling the slot with an impromptu acoustic session before he went on with the band...looking forward to the next gig :) gotta say I'm pretty pleased with the site so far, we had a couple of major changes in design during the month of February, and really it was just a case of getting ANYTHING up asap in order to meet the the next week or two we hope to put on a couple of more sample tracks to listen to, a forum for visitors to leave their messages, some listings for live performance dates and a bit more artwork and design around the menus and pages etc. All in all the site is a work in progress at the moment but it's coming together nicely now...

..and that's it for tonite/this morning...back with more soon

take care

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