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Monday, 9 November 2009

New video for "Artist Of The Century" on YouTube

There is a low quality version of the video for "Artist Of The Century" on my YouTube page. This will be replaced by the HD version in a couple of days...

I recorded this back in March with my friend Rory Thompson doing the filming. The project came about for two reasons; I've been wanting to put my music on YouTube but I didn't want to upload anything without a visual accompaniment because I think that's boring for new music. I don't mind listening to old or obscure songs on YouTube that don't have a video (because it's really just the song I am looking for in that scenario) but for a medium like YouTube I think new music MUST be presented with a visual accompaniment to catch and retain your interest in a song you haven't heard before. If you just want to promote your music without video then there a million different places online to do so, but when it comes YouTube I think most people are primarily looking for something to actually watch and not just listen to.

And the second reason? Rory got a new HD camera and wanted to test it out on something ;)

So we recorded the footage for the video a couple of months ago and then Rory had a couple of other "real-projects-that-you-get-paid-for-doing" which came in, so for the sake of paying the bills (but at the loss of my illuminating company) we put things on hold until Friday night...

...when Rory turned up at the door with 6 cans of Carlsberg and the finished video on DVD...

The sound and picture quality of the DVD is excellent, we watched it on a 47" HD television connected to digital surround sound and it was great quality. For some reason tho, it doesn't seem to have transferred as well to AVI format. I used Xilisoft DVD Ripper to convert the DVD but the .avi that it created seems to have very very high volume levels on the audio which is causing distortion at the peaks. I'm not sure what went wrong as I use this software quite often without problems; thankfully tho the version on the DVD is perfect quality so I'll just have to rip it again. I'll try rip it again when I get up later today and hopefully replace the current version with a fixed version.

Either way it's only a temporary version, the video itself was recorded in HD but Rory just stuck a PAL version on DVD so he could bring it up to show me on Friday. It takes quite a bit of time to render a HD version of the same video so he's gonna try and get that done some time during the week and I'll be able to put the finished HD version online before next weekend.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video, the finished version was entirely edited and produced by Rory with no input from me so I can't take any credit for that. I basically just directed the video on the day we recorded it by suggesting the shots we took and the angles etc, but Rory was the one who took all the footage and put it together last week into this finished project. I'm delighted with the finished result and very grateful to him for spending the time and effort to get it right.

We have plans to do videos for a couple more of my songs and then after that I'd prefer to do them for new songs instead of the "new video for an old song" thing that we're doing at the moment. Like I said earlier the purpose of these ones is just to get my stuff onto YouTube in a way that not only lets you hear the music but also (as Philly would say) "check out the visuals"...

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