Monday, 21 March 2005

Monday morning...6:58am...none of you are even awake yet and I'll be heading home to my bed in 62 minutes just as you're getting into the car to go to here's what I have to say while you snooze...

...First up I will be posting some of the demo tracks this week to give a taster of what the songs on this ep are gonna be like. Will be just me n the acoustic as a sampler, I'll be streaming the final versions of the songs later on down the road...

Not a whole lot to report this morning, in the last few days since I posted I have been working on getting my name out there on the web..promoting the site and getting people to come visit etc. Thanks a lot to the first 20 registered users on the forum are all duly noted in my little notebook under the section "people to remember when I am rich and famous"'s a refreshing change for me aswell as I'm usually adding names to the "people to have disappeared" list lately..

Things are going pretty well with the promo so far, I'm listed 3rd, 4th and 19th in a google search for my name thanks to me being a featured artist on Bearshare and Unsigned Ireland..this might not sound very impressive to many but those of you who are familiar with search engine ratings etc. will agree that I have been a very lucky boy to get that highly ranked in such a short time..

..I'm now on MySpace also..I have an official-ish profile in the music section which I am using to promote my songs and link to this's available at I also keep a seperate profile where I can post absurd blog entries and other random shoals of nonsense that are too bizarre for posting on this website..that one is available by clicking here

...Don't know if you're a MySpace registered user but if not you should check it out, it's a good laugh meeting all the other nutcase faces with their MySpace places..

Right I'm gonna grab myself a cup of coffee..oh one last thing..if you are visiting the site because you saw a link to it at another bands forum called "Check it out" or something similar, then I can only apologize on behalf of the ex drummer/current tea maker (Big Mac on this sites forum)..Macco took it upon himself to bombard other bands sites with messages telling them to visit this one so I can only imagine how popular I am with them now lol...He texts me (proud as punch) to tell me he's doing this and then I tried ringing him to tell him to at least put the message in an APPROPRIATE forum and not into another bands GIG LISTING forum but most of the damage was done at this apologies all round if my name appears on your nah I ain't a bit sorry really cos it's just too funny but I have to say so don't I...anyways I'll try and keep the Big Mac on a tighter leash and I can only offer my own message board to any affected bands as a promotional tool which they can use...if they've got similar DEMENTED fans willing to go on a posting frenzy...

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