Monday, 18 April 2005

Important Site Update

Hi folks,

Neils is in hospital for a few days - nothing serious so relax. Then again Neil always accepts cash donations so like if you want then send him money.

Seriously though he is laid up for a while in hospital and he just wanted me to let you know that he won't be able to get those CDs out to you for a while based on this.

I'll keep you posted.

Stay sound.

[Site Admin]

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Thursday, 14 April 2005

*** NEW AUDIO ***

Just stuck up demo versions of 2 of the songs from the ep...go to the Music & MP3 section and take a look or even a will need RealPlayer to listen to them as they are streamed only..

think of these as first's on the way ;-)

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Wednesday, 13 April 2005

First Thoughts... **New** Promo Disc

Collecters beware: to begin promo for the July debut ep "first thoughts on forever" this week I'm gonna be pressing about 100 copies of a single called "first thoughts..."

This single is not for's something I'm gonna be sending around to radio, labels and attractive female fans as a build up to the ep launch..the tracks are already available for download on the site, the listing is as follows:

1. Mo Chairde Go Leir
2. Pull Me Up
3. Vision Inc.

Of these 3, only Vision will be included on the ep itself..this disc is really just an introduction to my music for those of you who haven't already been introduced..I'll tell you when to start ringing WLR and Beat100-102 demanding plays ;-)

There will definitely be a bunch of copies set aside for the people who were first to join up on the's growing quickly and I really appreciate the interest, and there is a memberlist so I won't be forgetting who was there for me when I had a forum and I needed people to join lol..first in line are those who have posted something :-P

And last but not's a preview of the cover for it..I'm still not 100% on the one I'm using as a working design for the ep but this one will do nicely to begin with methinks..btw if anyones any good with design I'm accepting any submissions for the ep cover :-)

Here it is..100 copies only..instant collectible

PS: Thanks to Cephas Jacob for the artistic direction ;-)

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Sunday, 10 April 2005

Eamon Thomas McGrath

13th August 1953 - 10th April 1999

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Thursday, 7 April 2005

The latest...

Thanks to everyone who has signed up to the forum...don't forget to stick a little avatar (that's a pic to you and I) up on your profile n' if you're too lazy send a picture on to me and I'll resize it and stick it up for ya (as if I don't have enough to be doing)...

so what have I been doing...well I've been rehearsing a little with my cousin as I hope to have him play on a couple of the tracks on the ep...I've been passing my driving test (FOURTH TIME AROUND)...I've been writing a little bit more of The Boy Who (with some excerpts on myspace profile, might stick 'em in the forum too tho I kinda keep it seperate to the music) ... I've been organizing some more studio time to get more done (now that the cash flow crisis is over) ... I've been setting up some real audio versions of the songs from the ep so I can stream them on the site... I've been replying to your kind and bizarre comments on the forum (love it) and some of the mails too...

so that's the latest...I'm gonna go to bed now in about 40 mins time and when I get up I'll get the wheels in motion and the show on the road so I'll have something to report back on Sunday nite when I'm on again...

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