Thursday, 12 May 2005

Free Promo CD's

hello hello...

this plan of giving away the free promo cd's got a little side tracked as i had to go to hospital the day after i collected them..

..anyways if you want a free copy of the First Thoughts promo cd, all you have to do is go to the forum on the interact section of this site and post a request for it in the "Free CD's" thread..

..have given heaps out in the last week, hope you all enjoyed it and that it's got you just bursting to spend your hard earned cash on the album in July ;-)

lastly, if you asked for a cd and you're not likely to see me (being in a foreign country etc.) then log onto the forum and send me a private message or email with your address and i'll mail it on, or turn up at your door for dinner...

right it's 8.18am and it's thursday morning which means only one thing...i just finished work n I ain't back again til Sunday nite...let's see what sort of mad episode unfolds this weekend, you don't even want to know what happened last weekend but thanks to those of you who came to the two gigs..and the "STORM" that unfolded after on saturday..

shout outs to Barr for starting it, Sweeney for taking the hit, Flah for hitting the floor, Harry Snr. for calming Harry Jnr. and special thanks to Nailers for giving us somewhere to go and chill after...

and of course THANKS HARRY...even if it's just cos me an' u didn't get a box in the head when all the rest of em did hahahahaha...

i'm gone..have a good weekend and i'll talk to you sunday nite

the main burger

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