Thursday, 19 May 2005

MySpace ruined my life...

Cool gig last weekend in the Vic Bistro out in's a restaurant but they have a special salsa nite with all sorts of finger foods so you don't have to get a 3 course meal just to hear me play..

..because of the setting I got to play a really mellow acoustic set, stuff I could never play in the pub because it would just be too if ya wanna hear me doing the John Prine fingerpicking, the Dylan D-Tuning stuff or indeed my own songs from the ep etc. then this is the place to go on a Saturday nite..I'll keep you posted when the next one is...

btw..may I recommend the house white wine..was my first time drinking this year, the place was hot and the sweat was rolling off me so I quenched the thirst with about two bottles..barely even remember leaving the gig to go and meet Harry and Fla in the Vic..and as for the antics when I did catch up with them..apologies to Derro for spitting hardcore raps in his ear..ya know the way Derro..and if ya don't know well now ya know..

here's where I sign off for another couple of days..I gotta go and get the press release sheet printed this morning and and a few other bits n pieces..try and locate my speakers after the last gig..get the mic stand back from Gorbachov..try and flog two old speakers to John know the deal..

see u next week...


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