Thursday, 21 July 2005

The Birthday Bash

Ok folks if you are around this weekend I am having a bit of a party in The Vic's my birthday so you better be there ;)

I'll be kicking off about 10ish..Eamon will be with me on the nite too so that in itself is an excuse to come along...not sure where the "after-show party" is but I'm sure we'll all end up back to mine in the early hours of the morning...

btw the support slot with The Devlins went amazingly well...very big audience but they seemed to like us a lot..myself and Eamon did all our own tracks for it, finishing with Psycho Killer (like the version on StopMakingSense) which if I do say so, blew the roof off the joint hahahahaha...

The Devlins were pretty sound too, spoke with them for a bit afterwards and they seemed pretty down to earth...was most impressed with the drummer tho, he played some brilliant beats during their set..

so thats it for the mo, only other news is this new guitar i'm getting on friday, it's the Takemine i borrowed for the Devlins gig..fell in love with and decided she had to be mine...and so she will be..

right im falling asleep here on my last nite in work this week...7:14am now and i'm to you soooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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