Wednesday, 27 July 2005

The L.A. Test

Ok so the latest updates on the musical front...I unfortunately had to postpone the recording session at the end of June due to studio availabilty..basically I had booked a couple of days there and TooSkin had arranged time off from work to do the recording on those rang back at short notice and said they weren't available for the dates after needless to say I was a little stressed after the lads getting time off for it etc...anyways we move onwards and upwards and should be doing some recording in the first week of August... regards the recording I am contemplating some changes to the original you probably know myself and Eamon are gigging as a duo at the moment..we are getting great feedback on our sound with just the guitar, harmonica and I am leaning towards the idea of using the same sound for the ep...that's not to say we are never going to record another "Pull Me Up" or "Charles" you know I love my 4 piece band set up more than anything...I'm just personally enjoying the vibe of what we are doing at the moment and it would probably show on the ep if we were to record in the same way..we'll just have to wait n see I guess..

so that's where it's at for the moment...thanks to those of you attending the really enjoying them and I plan to do as much gigging as possible this year whatever the line up may be..

...the good news is there is a new love in my life...I bought a Takemine last week and I have barely put the thing down is all I can say..

and last but not least...shout our to my partner in crime and one of the famous five..Keith "Thanks Harry" Harrington...gone back to live in Thailand again for another while...thinkin' of ya buddy ;)

see u soon


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