Tuesday, 4 October 2005

LOST...but at long last...

First Thoughts Sample Tracks - Click Here To Download

...things are coming together with the ep..and what has been the delay you might ask??? well having looked at some other bands sites and projects and interviews and bla bla bla I see that everyone always has such a "musical" excuse for going nowhere fast ("We've been tweaking eq's".."Some of the drum tracks had to be re-recorded" etc etc ad infinitum) so instead of me harping on about family and work and the real world and all that sort of nonsense let me just say - I was tuning my guitar.

Yep. Four and a half months tuning the guitar. It was finally tuned last Tuesday and once I finished I had a quick tuna sandwich and a cup of tea. Then I rang Eamon and we booked the studio for the weekend. Isn't it mad the way things happen.

So myself and Eamon were recording this weekend and after I write this I'm gonna post samples of some of the tracks to give you an idea of how things are coming along, they aren't final cuts or anything but they will give you a definite idea of the kind of sound I am looking for on this record..

..I'd also like to take a moment to gloat (before anyone has even heard it) about being right to include An Angel In The Sky..

...so there it is...hope you enjoy the tracks and thanks to those who continue to encourage and support thru the four and half month tuning periods..it is definitely A.P. Preciated.

The tracks won't be available in the music section until tomorrow nite, in the meantime you can download them here..3 sample tracks which are about a minute long each..they are An Angel In The Sky, Artist Of The Century and Turn My Name Away..the download is in .zip format so you'll need www.winzip.com to open it if you don't have winzip and the file is less than 3mb in size so it should download quickly regardless of your connection type..Enjoy!!

First Thoughts Sample Tracks - Click Here To Download

more recording next week..catch ya later ;)


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