Thursday, 10 November 2005

F-izz-irst Th-izz-oughts on For-izzle EP-izzle

Well well well...

...what can I say?? Thanks to everyone who is appearing weekly in my new docu-sitcom-rom-drama "Hi-B Corner Uncovered" which is written, directed and even filmed by my self on Nokia's 6630 camera phone..thanks of course to the cast: Fla, Bruno Martelli, Chad Nixer, Steve-O, Tommy T, Ken Kunnife (from Conneticut), James Mór Scrunch, Sarah-Ann the Hood Rat, MC Mook, Cookie, Tucker, the Swedish one from Cork, Fat Neck, The Gardai (drive-thru cameo), Part Two McGrath & Noely C...will keep you posted on the Season 1 box set...

...Anyways back to the other little project of mine which is this album...things are shaping up nicely I have to my possession is a rough cut of the entire album and tho rough it's definitely heading in the right direction now.. yeah all the tracks have been recorded now..we even re-recorded Vision Inc. to make it sound more like a part of this album and I think that's worked out very well..Eamon is doing a super little riff on the acoustic which is a little like the older version but I have to admit I like this new one more..hope you do too :P

All thats left to do now is work through each song individually polishing them off, replacing the guide vocals with final ones and choosing the final mix of instruments on each..I'm too mysterious to put a finish date on it as of yet but we are definitely approaching the light now..Eamon's piano and string arrangements has really brought the songs to life and made them bigger so I can't stress his contribution enough...

Ladies & Gentlemen: EAMON O'MALLEY

By day he is a mild mannered musical genius:

But nite he is the Bohemian and Near Alcoholic Nihilistic Anarchist Stoner (B.A.N.A.N.A.S)

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