Monday, 26 June 2006

Tra Fest / 3 Songs from "First Thoughts" finished and ready to download...

Myself and Eamon are playing in the Shanty for this years Tra Fest. The gig starts at 10.30pm in The Shanty Bar on Friday, 30th June, 2006.

Full listings for this festival can be found here.

The McGrath's were said to be from the descendants of Brian Boru's brother Ahearne, and were appointed to be bards and historians. This we know from many sources and from the many appearances in the Irish Chronicles listing the McGraths as bards, historians, poets, chroniclers, antiquarians, singers, story tellers, and termoners.

3 songs from the album are done. well whatever next eh...

Edit: There seems to be an issue with the link. The page is there and you can locate it inside of myspace if you are a member or a friend but for some reason that direct link is not connecting to the page. I've mailed them about sorting it out but for now they are all available to download free here:

Vision Inc. -

An Angel In The Sky -

First Thoughts On Forever -

I hope you enjoy them :)

And if you are reading this Niall you will be ready for my call tomorrow about getting them up on this site asap ;)

needless to say, none of this would have been possible without the help and guidance of my trusted sidekick and pal mister Eamon "Malso The Magnificent" O'Malley. These songs have been with me a long time and they are both important and dear to me, if that doesn't sound too corny. They are like old friends but Eamon has given them new life and they are closer to the sounds and ideas I had in mind for them before I ever had anyone to play other instruments on them..

As you know, I'm not too keen on the myspace music aggressive marketing initiative currently sweeping the net and so I won't be promoting this thing to death or in your face too much..I will probably send out a bulletin and also a mail from my own mail account but there won't be any ridiculously large Neil & Eamon posters plastered on your comments section for all your friends to see. If the songs are any good, you'll tell them yourself like you do with any new music you find and like..and they might just like the songs too...

the only other thing i wanted to say is that you should check out the lyrics too if possible and if you can't get them from this page (tho hopefully you can as i uploaded them with the songs) then you can get them from my website (there's a link to it on my profile)..

thanks to everyone who supports our music

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