Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Go Shawty..

Well. And well enough to say it. Yep, the summer is definitely here right about now and the girls in Tramore are just unreal. Really tho. I'm not making that up. The town is just bursting with little hotties. Locals too I might add. I love girls girls girls...girls I do adore...

Anyway, I'm gonna be burnin it up this weekend like it was 1666..my favourite group "Correkt Minds" are playing The Baldy Man this weekend, and having prioritised my priorities that's top of the priority list. Who knows, we might even throw someone down a well afterwards and if they float then they must be a witch.

urban intelligence & correckt minds. baldy man. friday. 22nd july. 10pm.

the place will be hopping. the hotties will be bopping. dom p poppin. chocolate sprinkle topping. over spending money meant for next weeks shopping.

So come one, come all..not since the glory days of Rome I tell ya, has mankind known such valent mysteries...

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