Monday, 30 March 2009

New Video on my YouTube channel

I did this cover of Rory Gallaghers version of Leadbelly's "Out On The Western Plain" last Friday down in Rory Thompsons house...he got a new HD Video Camera with 5.1 sound recording and all sorts of cool stuff on it...sound seems good on playback from what I've heard but the picture isn't as good as I've seen it purely because it was starting to get dark and we never bothered to switch on a light :)

Did a good few takes of it..this was the best overall one..I thought I played some bits a lot better in other takes but then I made a small mistake further into it or whatever and just scrapped's a little bit fast but that's how I would probably play it at a gig..I'm thinking of re-recording a slower version with a bit more emphasis on the clarity of the notes etc...all in all tho I'm pretty happy with it as a little rough idea of what I'm about :)

Myself and Mr. Thompson did some more recording a couple of weeks ago for another one of my songs; we will be putting together a video with the footage pretty soon and putting that up too (and hopefully some more in the near future)...I'm holding off on putting my studio recorded songs up on YouTube until I have a visual accompaniment for them because I think people get bored listening to new and unheard music on YouTube unless it has video to go with the plan for the next couple of weeks is to do some more filming and all that sort of jazz ;)

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