Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New video for "Mo Chairde Go Léir"

Directed & Edited by Colm Williamson & Rory Thompson...filmed by Matthew Reilly & Rory...

...some of you will probably remember this track as it is quite an old song now...the reason we only did the video for it now is because I've had a huge increase in hits to my YouTube page since my appearance on "The Voice of Ireland" so I wanted to have one of my own songs for people to listen to when they visited the page...and because it's YouTube you can't have really have audio without some sort of visual so I asked Colm Williamson if he could help me out with making a video to accompany the song...luckily for me he dropped everything he was doing on his own site (www.waterfordwhispersnews.com) and we arranged to shoot the video on Friday 13th...

...Matthew Reilly did the filming on the day and as chance would have it myself and Colm met my old friend and well known local film-maker Rory Thompson on our way in to collect Matthew so he joined us on our trek around Waterford City looking for highpoint locations where we could shoot in order to get the tilt-shift effect...for the Waterford City scenes we would like to say a big thank you to City Square Shopping Centre and the Tower Hotel for allowing us to use their premises to film. The scene on the Quay would not have been possible without using the top floor of the Tower Hotel and so again thanks to them for allowing us access :)

Filming on the day took place in City Square, The Quay, The Guillamene, Tramore Beach and Dunmore. Special thanks to an old friend Ricky Flavin & his cousin David Whelan for being the two guys who walk behind me in the scene with the big bucket and spade because that shot wouldn't have worked without people moving while I stood still ;)

Big thanks to Matthew for doing the filming and I am forever indebted to Colm & Rory for spending the next 3 days editing the footage together into the finished video. Thanks also to Rory for supplying some of his own stock footage (the timelapse cloud scenes among others) which was just too good not to use alongside the footage we had from Friday...

Many thanks also to the various local tourist pages on Facebook that shared a link and helped to promote the video...and of course WLR (click the link for their news article about the video) for their huge support both on-air and via their website and Facebook page...because of the promotion the video had over 2,000 hits in the first 3 days which is an incredible reaction compared to what I was expecting...I will need to revisit this post and list all the friends that gave massive support by sharing links to the video, liking the posts I made and in general just sending best wishes and congratulations...but straight away I need to thank Seán Ó'Briain, Niall Roche, Liam Sinnott, Brian Kennedy, Aisling McGrath & John Mahony for their promo campaign on my behalf over the last week or two...I know a lot of the hits on all of my pages were due to links that ye shared and bombarded everyone with because ye knew I was useless with self-promotion hahaha...I appreciate it and I love ye dearly ;)

The song itself "Mo Chairde Go Léir" is pretty old now but I chose it because I think the lyrics still hold up and although I don't think it's my best song, it's definitely the best recording of one of my songs. It was recorded as part of a WaterfordCityCouncil/IRMA project and I got the chance to work with Ivan O'Shea (of the famous Grouse-Lodge recording studio) and some brilliant local Waterford musicians Alan Shanahan and Mick & Gavin Burke. And last but not least Clonmel man and my on/off songwriting/recording/messing partner Mr. Eamon O'Malley ;)

Next step is to get some more stuff recorded and online, and of course get back gigging so I hope you will all come and see me soon :)

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